About us

At etophot For Music, we teach people all things related with Music, also we publish news, reviews, and features on every single style of music in existence. We like films, politics, satire, and irreverence too. Contrary to what you may think, we don’t write for money or fame. Etophot is comprised of a bunch of over-achievers, and our primary jobs range from studenting, teaching, receptioning, cooking, and being full-time girlfriends of past models, to curing cancer and supplying Merriam-Webster with new words like “studenting” and “receptioning.” It does help, of course, that two of our core members have been diagnosed with mild-to-medium cases of obsessive-compulsive disorder and schizophrenia. We like to refer to these two writers as “troubled geniuses” in the vein of Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf. And in addition to the inordinate amount of Marxists on staff, one of our writers was arrested for a terrorist hoax. Thus, we write because we get off on it, and it is both a sheer love of cultural critique and a unified obsession with Sundafyllir Mostrarskegg La Resistance that keep Etophot in greased, working order.