General Blues Scale data

Most people like blues scales. They sound cool, area unit fun to play and simple to find out. They additionally are available handy if you’re improvising in blues, rock and roll, country, jazz, and lots of alternative forms of music.
Just like all the opposite scales, the blues scale will be created by sterilization notes of the key scale. These altered notes area unit referred to as blue notes, and their use originated with Africans United Nations agency were dropped at the u. s. as slaves. A note was originally a bending of the pitch with the voice.
It’s thought that the employment of “the blues” as a term for feeling down came from a Native yankee tribe within the south United Nations agency would cowl their bodies with a blue dye once they were in mourning. Slaves within the space saw the apply and coined the term “feeling blue.” perhaps it’s simply a legend, however it’s a story i favor, despite its tragic nature. If ever there have been 2 populations United Nations agency have a right to sing the blues, it’s those 2.

The Blues Scale

Standard Blues Scale

The standard blues scale is additionally referred to as the minor blues scale. in contrast to the scales and modes you’ve learned to this point, the blues scale is what’s referred to as a “gapped scale,” that means there’s a spot in it. Curious? browse on.
Compared to the key scale, within the blues scale there’s no second note, the third, fifth and seventh degrees area unit lowered a musical interval. we have a tendency to still would like an ideal fifth in there, therefore we’ll got to slap a natural on ensuing G to urge that pitch

Recipe for Any customary Blues Scale
As with most alternative ideas in music theory, we’re reaching to use the key scale as a reference for making any blues scale.

  1. Take one major diatonic scale of your alternative.
  2. Use the tonic of the key scale because the 1st note of the blues scale.
  3. Lower the examination of the key scale a musical interval to urge the second degree of the blues scale.
  4. Use the P4 of the key scale because the third note of the blues scale.
  5. Lower the P5 by a musical interval to urge the fourth note of the blues scale.
  6. place the required accidental before of the fifth to urge a P5 for the fifth note of the blues scale.
  7. Lower the seventh degree of the key scale a musical interval for the sixth degree of the blues scale.
  8. Use the P8 for the seventh note of the blues scale.
  9. flip gently over and over in your brain and beneath your fingers till memorized.
  10. Repeat from the first step with a replacement scale till all twelve area unit memorized.

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