The Ways of Creating Movement in Music

A musician or entertainer will use note choice to make and unleash tension, to form movement. they’ll additionally use, as we’ve seen, note period by manipulating time, they’re able to attain all manner of complications. There are, however, alternative ways that of moving through musical house, other axes, various tools, alternative vehicles. one in every of these is timber or tone color. timber and tone refer to not the pitch of a sound, and to not its volume, however to what the sound seems like. they’re the character or the shape of a sound, the colour or quality of a sound. tho’ they’re usually used interchangeably, “timbre” and “tone” square measure typically accustomed consult with totally different options of a sounds color. In these cases, the timber of a sound is indexed to no matter instrument the sound is created with — a violin’s A note is totally different from a saxophone’s A, and therefore the distinction between those 2 sounds is that the timber. The tone, on the opposite hand, is that the specific tonal quality of the sound popping out of that instrument, full of the composition of the instrument, the technique, the amplification and any effects used. In general, the timber or the tone of a sound (and here we tend to square measure imagining that those 2 things square measure the same) is one in every of the ways that a musician or entertainer will management the means a bit of music feels. Tension is constructed and free by means of timber even as very much like by means of pitch or period.


Dynamics sit down with the quantity of a sound, similarly on however that volume is expressed (does it come back on quickly, will it linger, etc.). The dynamic movement during a piece of music — obtaining louder obtaining softer, increasing or decreasing the sustain, attack or decay of the tones therein piece — contribute to the sense of drama and tension, the propagate musical movement, in barely as profound how because the sound property, the length and also the pitch of the sounds do. fidgeting with dynamics and phrasing (the physical means within which a music line is phrased/played) is as such associated with what several decision “playing with the feel”.

Dissonance and Consonance

It is one issue to understand the way to build music sound smart sound nice, pleasing, simple to concentrate to. it’s one issue to be ready to play consonant music (music that appears like resolution, that tends toward reduced tension), however it’s another to be ready to really produce movement during a piece. Real movement needs that, additional typically than not, dissonant sounds area unit created that’s, sounds that tend towards tension, sounds that area unit tough, surprising, even harsh. creating use of harmonic and melodic ideas that promote dissonance, taking part in on the rhythm of a song and exploitation syncopation in sudden ways that, exploitation sound property, tone and dynamics to form tension… These area unit all ways that of serving to to supply movement in music.

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